Our services encompass maintenance of cooling systems wherever needed, with experiences in servicing, testing, and commissioning ranging from New Zealand to Mexico and numerous other global locations. Our service technicians are skilled in handling installations on virtually every maritime platform and a wide array of onshore and offshore cooling systems. They hold certifications for F-gases, as well as for ammonia and CO2.

Compressor overhaul

We possess expertise in overhauling both screw and reciprocating compressors, with a wealth of experience working with brands such as Mayekawa, GEA, and Bitzer. Our services can be provided on location, but we are also fully equipped with the necessary tools and facilities to carry out the work in our workshop.


Laser Alignment

We are equipped with the necessary tools, including SKF Laser Alignment, to precisely align the motor with the compressor as needed. This service can be performed following the replacement of a motor or compressor, or whenever there is a suspicion of misalignment.


Heat Exchanger Inspection, Replacement, and Repair

Shell and Tube heat exchangers, when exposed to corrosive substances like seawater and calcium chloride, could get corrosion. This deterioration can ultimately lead to the heat exchanger’s failure, allowing the cooling medium to leak into the system.

Eddy Current Analysis

Upon request, we can conduct an on-site Eddy Current Analysis to assess the tube wall thickness within the heat exchanger. The resulting report will identify tubes with diminished wall thickness, enabling us to recommend which tubes need replacing to avert tube failure.

Replacement and Repair Services

We offer services to repair or replace shell and tube heat exchangers as needed. We also provide guidance on selecting the most suitable materials for your specific application.

Vibration Analysis

We possess the necessary equipment to conduct a basic vibration test on the electrical motor and compressor within the refrigeration system. This test effectively indicates whether vibration levels are within acceptable limits. Excessive vibration can cause significant damage to both the compressor and the motor. Should vibration levels be found to exceed the recommended limits, it is crucial to investigate and address the root cause of the issue.

Replacement of Outdated Control Systems in Refrigeration Systems

The operational lifespan of a refrigeration system and its components generally exceeds that of the refrigeration plant’s control systems. Industrial PLCs and computer systems typically have a lifespan of around 15 years, after which finding spare parts becomes challenging, and if available, they are often extremely expensive.

We specialize in replacing entire control systems, including the Human Machine Interface (HMI), and in rewriting the software. We handle the full replacement process and prepare back plates for the original electrical systems, ensuring a seamless transition to the new control setup.

By-Pass Brine Filters

We supply by-pass brine filters designed for installation in CaCl2 (calcium chloride) systems. These filters feature four powerful magnets internally positioned to capture steel particles circulating within the system.

Constructed from stainless steel, the filter housing is durable and resistant to corrosion. It is also fitted with pressure gauges that allow for the monitoring of pressure differences across the filter, serving as an indicator of the filter’s cleanliness and efficiency.

Air Cooler Replacement

We specialize in the design and supply of custom-made galvanized air coolers, ideal for replacing existing units that have been compromised due to the use of cleaning agents that damage the galvanized layer of the tubes and fins. Finding replacement coolers can be challenging, especially when the original manufacturer no longer produces the specific model needed. We have experience replacing coolers for blast freezers and whirlbed freezers. We ensure a perfect fit by conducting on-site measurements before delivering an air cooler tailored exactly to your requirements.

Spare Part Deliveries

We are capable of supplying and installing spare and replacement parts for virtually any refrigeration system or compressor. Our service ensures that your system continues to operate efficiently without prolonged downtime.

Plate Freezer Plates

Our expertise extends to designing and manufacturing replacement plates for plate freezers. We have successfully delivered thousands of plates for both brine and CO2 systems, focusing on improved heat transfer, strength, and corrosion resistance. These enhancements ensure your plate freezer operates at peak efficiency and longevity.