We design Shell and Tube Heat exchangers ourselves. We have an HTRI software license that we use to make the thermal design of the heat exchangers.

Just using software is not enough to come to the best solution as a lot of experience and knowledge is required about heat exchanger tubes, turbulators, pressure loss, materials, corrosion and vibration to design a suitable heat exchange for the application of the heat exchangers.

We have specialized knowledge of:

  • Flooded evaporators.
  • Direct expansion heat exchangers.
  • Thermosiphon Heat Exchangers.
  • Kettle type evaporators.
  • Condensers.
  • Desuperheaters

Media: Ammonia, CO2, Propylene, Synthetic refrigerants, Steam and water vapor, brine, Seawater, etc.

Materials: Titanium, CuN 90/10 and 70/30, Carbon steel, Copper, Stainless steel.

Heat Exchanger Inspection, Replacement, and Repair

Exposure of Shell and Tube heat exchangers to corrosive materials such as seawater and calcium chloride can lead to corrosion. Over time, this can result in the failure of the heat exchanger, causing the cooling medium to seep into the system.

Eddy Current Analysis

At your request, we are able to perform an Eddy Current Analysis on-site to evaluate the thickness of the tube walls in the heat exchanger. The analysis report will highlight tubes with reduced wall thickness, allowing us to advise on which tubes should be replaced to prevent tube failure.

Replacement and Repair Services

Our services include repairing or replacing shell and tube heat exchangers when necessary. Additionally, we offer recommendations on the best materials for your particular needs, ensuring optimal performance and durability of your system. Please reach out to us when facing problems with your heat exchanger, and we’ll search for the best solution.